Why BitBix ICO?

Bitbix initial coin offering (ICO) is a crowdfunding means open to savvy investors; to accelerate the fundraiser for specific activities lined up for its development and growth. Bitbix tokens will be issued to investors proportional to their investment portfolios.

How can I participate in the BitBix ICO?

To participate in the BitBix ICO, you are required to follow these three easy steps;

  • Sign up at BitBix.co
  • Deposit Ethereum (ETH) to the unique wallet address provided for you on BitBix.co
  • Click on Buy Token to purchase the BitBix tokens.

Is there a referral bonus when I bring new members to take part in the ICO?

There is a 10% bonus offer awarded to you when your referrals (affiliates) buy BBX tokens. However, this bonus is payable in ETH. Read the affiliate section of the white paper for more information.

Is there a limit to the maximum number of Tokens I can buy during the ICO?

Affirmative! There is going to be a limit to what each user can buy during the ICO. This measure is taken to ensure a fair distribution of tokens to all interested users. Every investor is important.

How can I make use of my BitBix Tokens after the ICO?

After the ICO, BitBix.co internal exchange would be launched and readied for operations. Owners of Bitbix coins can then transfer coins within the exchange. BBX would also be listed on partner exchanges. Furthermore, as described on our Whitepaper and explanatory Videos, BBX as a gaming cryptocurrency will be used as gaming stake while users compete with their peers on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Telegram.

How can I secure my Tokens?

After signing up on BitBix.co, we recommend you enable the 2FA, for a stronger protection of your wallet. Remember to keep your login credentials private and secure!

What is the duration of the ICO?

There are fourteen (14) BitBix ICO buy days. However, the duration of the ICO is 3 weeks.

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